An Initiative to empower and aid all in Klal Yisroel to suggest and facilitate shidduchim

          The tragic loss of the young chosson and kallah, Yisroel Levin a”h and Elisheva Kaplan a”h, left us all feeling broken. Remarkably, R’ Shaya Levin asked at their levaya that in exchange for the pure souls, there should be 10,000 shidduchim as a gift from Heaven. Let us show Hashem that we want to be the messengers of these 10,000 shidduchim and together help suggest and facilitate shidduchim in honor of Yisroel and Elisheva.

         This initiative, 10K Batay Yisroel, literally translates as ten thousand Jewish homes, as the goal is to build thousands of Jewish homes. It can also be written as בתי’ ישראל, in memory of the home we lost, the home of Elisheva Basya and Yisroel.

         As we are all mourning this incredible loss, let us use this energy to build and create. Just making one suggestion can change the world… literally.

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The 10K Team



SD is a long time friend of Yisroel’s sisters. While not a shadchan by any stretch, she was zoche to play a key role in making the shidduch of a sister of Yisroel, a”h. R’ Shaya’s hesped, along with her own experience as a “friend-shadchan” and, of course, above all an enormous amount of Siyata Di’Shmaya helped create the groundwork for this initiative.

With as much reason or more to be hesitant to redt shidduchim, she is an example of someone who has made a continuous effort to go out of her comfort zone to help friends in shidduchim. Moreover, she is proof that you do not need to be a professional to see through successful shidduchim, as she was instrumental in facilitating three engagements (one while she was just a teen-ager!).

It is her fervent hope that through this project each person in Klal Yisroel recognizes and truly believes in their own potential to be the shaliach of the Ribbono Shel Olam and help establish beautiful Torahdik homes for generations to come.



Not long after the levaya, AK’s friend SD texted her asking if she could help her out with creating a website for an idea she had called 10K Batay Yisroel. AK is a high school friend of Yisroel’s sister and just like the rest of the Klal Yisroel, she wanted to do her part in doing something as a z’chus for Yisroel a”h and Elisheva a”h.

After speaking with SD, she realized that this movement is exactly what Klal Yisroel needs. Each person in Klal Yisroel is the key to helping out the singles they know that are in Shidduchim by taking the time to think about ideas and networking for them. You do not have to be a professional to redt a shidduch

While AK is a full time software developer she is fully devoted to helping out with the movement and hopes that everyone in Klal Yisroel will take time out of their busy lives and think of ideas and redt them today!

AK looks forward to the day when she can update the number of total engagements on the home page of the site to 10,000!! 


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Our designers have volunteered their own time for 10K Batay Yisroel including designing the website, advertisements, and more!


10K Contributor

RD is very devoted to help out with the 10K Batay Yisroel project Leiluy Nishmat Yisroel Levin and Elisheva Kaplan, a”h. She hopes that Klal Yisroel we will keep sharing Semachot and be Zoche to see the Geulah really soon, Amen.