The idea behind the 10K Project is that the best shidduch ideas most often come from the inexperienced shadchan who knows the singles well. While many may feel uncomfortable making that phone call, the project is about empowering you to make it happen! Please pick up the phone and make one suggestion! You, yes you, have potential to help bring couples together!Imagine all of Klal Yisroel making time to redt one shidduch a week; imagine the power in that! YOU can make it happen!With the siyata dishmaya we are witnessing as the afikomen present R’ Shaya Levin asked for is coming to life and the achdus in seeing all of Klal Yisroel being osek in shidduchim, it is clear that ten thousand shidduchim is truly a reality!!
לעילוי נשמת ישרא-ל בן ישעי-הו הלוי ואלישבע בתי׳ בת יחיא-ל אפרים
Did you suggest a shidduch?
Did you make another suggestion?
Did your shidduch go on a first date?
Did you make another suggestion?

Did your shidduch get engaged?
Latest 10K Suggestions!
  • March 31,2023, 8:01 am -
    New Shidduch Suggestion:

    Boy, 25, Israel
    Girl, 21, Clifton

  • March 30,2023, 9:58 pm -
    Date of First Date: 3/30

    boy, 35, chicago
    girl, 34, brooklyn

“I would like to share that I’ve heard of SO SO many people that got engaged recently who are in their thirties and forties! It’s insane!! I hear of a new older shidduch, maybe about once a week! I could only imagine that it’s connected to R’ Levin’s speech. Tizku LImitzvos, and may we keep spreading simchos in Klal Yisroel!”
“”There definitely is siyata d’Shmaya going on here! I see that more than 10% of ideas suggested end up getting to a first date. And about 1 out of every 30 first dates gets to an engagement, baruch Hashem! I think those are amazing statistics, based on my experience as a shadchan for many years. Let’s keep going!”
“As a shy person, it’s always been a little hard for me to suggest a shidduch. This initiative gave me the push to finally put my ideas into action and I’ve since redt 3 shidduchim, one of which is heading towards a first date!”
“If you are a parent reading this, think of all the nachas and joy you get from your children. if you are a grandparent reading this, think of all the nachas and joy you get from your grandchildren. Now think of all those out there who have not yet experienced this nachas and joy. Don’t be selfish and only think of yourself – do your best to redt shidduchim for others so, b’ezras Hashem, they too can experience this. I can almost guarantee that Hashem will surely reward you with even more nachas and joy.”
“I was talking to a friend recently who expressed her frustration after redting a number of shidduchim that didn’t lead to an engagement. I was later talking to a girl after she returned from yet another frustrating date. Then I thought about it and came to a conclusion: if you’re feeling burnt out from redting shidduchim… Just think how the single feels. They keep dating despite the number of dates that didn’t pan out; please don’t let your burn out stop you from taking time out and thinking of shidduch ideas! Each suggestion is adding up before the kisay hakavod regardless of the outcome!”
Copy and paste this 10K signature image into your email when you redt a shidduch! Thank you!

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  1. Thankfulness to my father who informed me concerning this web site, this weblog is actually

  2. I have a modest fashion blog that connects hundreds of girls and after going to the levayah I decided to make a change and be more proactive in shidduchim.

    I let my readers know to email me their resumes to and I had an idea for one of the girls who sent their resumes! They started dating and got engaged last week!

    They know their shidduch was made in memory of Yisroel and Elisheva and they will always remember them and their families!

  3. I just wanted to let you know that Boruch Hashem, the shidduch I suggested got engaged. May we have many more, and may it be a zechus!
    The shidduch was for my sister. As soon as I heard about this project, I really wanted to try to make suggestions. I have tried in the past, but I never even really got anyone to date. I know some of the Levin siblings, and I really wanted to do something as a zechus. The way this shidduch happened was that my good friend was asking me if I know anyone for her brother in law, and from what she said about him, it sounded like a good match for my sister. We both felt funny suggesting it, since I didn’t know they boy and she didn’t know the girl, but we pushed ourselves to suggest it to both sides, and now, Boruch Hashem, they are engaged. The project definitely did inspire me, and now I am inspired to keep on working on suggestions…..we can’t run the world, but we can try to do our part to help the klal.

    Thanks for this beautiful project!

  4. I am one who is a little bit afraid that people would be insulted when I redt shidduchim, that maybe it was not good enough for them… I also sometimes think, “How do i know if this will work”. This project pushed me to start redting more shidduchim, and instead ask “How do i know this will not work?”
    I just redt one that did not turn into a first date, but I did not get down, and looking forward to redting more!

  5. As a shy person, it’s always been a little hard for me to suggest a shidduch. This initiative gave me the push to finally put my ideas into action and I’ve since redt 3 shidduchim, one of which is heading towards a first date!

  6. Incredible!! so grateful to see this website up and running. I have an idea. I am not a shadchan, but I try to redt shidduchim, I have an action partner. Everyday we touch base and try to take 1 action for shidduchim, whether it is inquiring if someones’ child is dating, obtaining a resume or making a phone call. I find with an action partner it makes you more focused on taking the steps needed to bring a shidduch to fruition. We have been zocheh to make a few (not enough) shidduchim, but the point is we keep on trying to think of something and moving things forward… I’m sharing this idea in the hopes that more shidduchim will occur…. Incidentally I have heard of so many dates going out over the last few weeks, that i feel certain, that Rabbi Levins beautiful words are already being mekaim!!

  7. Hakodosh Boruch Hu, who is our Father in Heaven, heard the pleas of an earthly father begging Him to help others at a time when he was consumed with genuine grief. Shamayim is opening its gates now to release the flood of brochos that R’ Sheya requested for shidduchim, refuos, and Emunah. We have to do our part now. We have to open our hearts and minds and allow the brochos to flow into our homes. We have to listen to shidduch suggestions with a positive mind and find reasons to say YES! Elisheva and Yisroel A’H are watching. We can’t disappoint them!

    1. A girl wrote in that this project gave her such a perspective. She got engaged just recently and is attributing her engagement largely to this project! BeH continued simchas to come!

  8. if you see this comment pls learn one mishna leyulai nishmasom, i know this isnt the point of this site but i feel like we should do all we can and what a zchus itll be!
    -good friend of Yisroel’s who needs moshiach asap

  9. desperate to start suggesting going to start now in zechus of this

    1. Kol hakavod! Welcome on board!

  10. I heard Yisroel’s ז“ל father give such a beautiful hesped about the afikoman, and how he wanted from Hashem shidduchim and refuah shelama and I am honored to be a part of the zchus of the memory of this beautiful couple.

  11. I haven’t had much experience or success in making shidduchim, but I recently tried! Iyh their first date is tomorrow! I asked HaShem for Siyata Dishmaya in any of my shidduch ideas as a zchus for the niftarim and their families. What a beautiful initiative!

  12. Such an amazing, beautiful idea. Thank you! I would like to remind everyone to not ONLY think of shidduchim for young people in their 20s. Older singles of EVERY age are often quite forgotten. I am a baales teshuva of 25 years, have lived a frum life in a vibrant community, and never found my zivug. If you have an older aunt, uncle, single parent, single older friend or person in your shul or community, remember them as well. Even those too old for children still dream of making a Jewish home with a wonderful life companion. Hatzlacha and bracha to all!

    1. You’d be delighted to hear that based on the feedback a great percentage of suggestions made through the 10K project are to singles in their mid-twenties and above. (It definitely gave everyone involved a boost!)
      As you alluded to as well, it’s beautiful to see how many people who are looking for their own zivug have put their hearts toward thinking of ideas for others! (Of course, if someone if having trouble getting such suggestions redt in a most appropriate way… please feel free to reach out!)

  13. I suggested a shidduch because of this project and Baruch Hashem I got engaged 4 days ago!!!
    R.B 20 (girl) to S.G 23 (boy).
    Thank you for this opportunity.

  14. I just called a stranger to suggest a shidduch.🙈
    He was suggested to a friend of mine. She didn’t think it was for her, but she thought of a mutual friend of ours. She sent me his resume, and asked me to suggest it. It looked like a good idea… It was totally out of my comfort zone, but this initiative gave me the push. I called. I am glad I did. He sounded really nice… Will try to keep you posted!😃

  15. My couple just got engaged!!

    1. Mazel tov!! Please contact us so we can share more specifics with the Levins/Kaplans! It would be a great nechama to them.

  16. Wow this is beautiful!

  17. First date tonight iyh should go well !
    B-25 G -21

  18. I was talking to Itty (Yisroel’s sister) this morning. I was telling her how after seeing the emunah of her family I truly believe mashiach can still come before her wedding tonight. She responded that her family alone can’t bring mashiach; we need all of klal yisroel. Maybe if we all look out for eachother today, we can still bring mashiach before her wedding tonight and Yisroel, Elisheva and Ari will be there too.


  20. I suggested a boy for a friend of mine’s daughter.

  21. Girl almost 29 ,top professional job in Israel,needs top professional in Israel. Someome I know has 3 boys in mind. Just sent her the girls info to send to 3 possible ideas. Only need one!

  22. This is my third time clicking ! Great initiative!

  23. Boy 29 Girl 25. I always wanted to make a shidduch but life has been so busy lately. This pushed me to make a few suggestions!

  24. Redt 2 shidduchim 1 going out 3 rd time one waiting for yes! Hashem should give you all koach!!! Sarala

  25. Boy 26 girl 25 en od melvado it should be matzliach many more to come!

  26. Been setting up people for a while and haven’t yet made a shidduch, but will iyH keep going strong li’iyluy nishmasam!

  27. I was so heartbroken by the news of this tragedy. Without knowing about this initiative, I suggested a shidduch for a couple and hope that in the merit of their memories, it should be successful. BP

  28. I’m not a shadchan but due to your wonderful initiative I was inspired to try!

  29. I have been setting people up for over 20 years and although close many times, i have never made a shidduch. I ask Hashem for siyaata dishmaya li illuy nishmas yisrael and elisheva to be matzliach.

  30. I just suggested a girl that my son dated and wasn’t right for him to an amazing young man who is more suited to her.

  31. Even though it’s uncomfortable to suggest someone, that’s just a thought that popped into my mind, I’m doing it for Yisroel and Eli – and for Klal Yisroel.

  32. I had this idea a while ago but this made me pick up the phone and call today. Iyh, hope it will be the suggestion that leads to a shiddich. Hatzlocha. May Hashem grant a Nechama to the family.

  33. Made a shidduch suggestion Lilu Nishmas

  34. Beautiful! After seeing this, we sat as a family and brain stormed. We just redt a shidduch and it’s looking good!

  35. This is a beautiful initiative, the least we can do for the niftarim, their families and the Klal. I sat today for an hour and thought of six good ideas which I just redt.

  36. Such a wonderful idea! iyH this should give the neshomas an aliyah!

  37. I listened to R. Shaya’s hesped this morning, and then picked up the phone and suggested a shidduch that had been on my mind for a while but that I had never gotten around to actually suggesting. Whether or not it works, it gives chizuk to people in the parsha to get phone calls. Surely a zechus for the niftarim and their families.

  38. Thank you for the incredible zchus

  39. Great initiative! I just red a shidduch iyH in the zchus of these beautiful neshamos it will be matzliach

  40. Fantastic idea

  41. Finally got “HIM” to go out with her this week after trying for about a month. Yay. IyH. I’ll keep you posted. -Leah from Yerushalayim

  42. Boy is 31, Girl is 29. This is an amazing project! Yasher Koach!

  43. BP to EB Leilui nishmas Yisroel and Elisheva Basya. Wow this is beautiful, mi keamcha Yisroel. Let’s do this!!!

  44. I made 2 suggestions for 2 couples and they are going out next week in honour of עלוי נשמתם

  45. This is so nice, Mi Kaamcha Yisral.

  46. Such a beautiful idea!

  47. What an amazing Zechus!

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