The Year of the shidduch Publicity request


I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who is participating in the project. We are beginning to change the mindset of Klall Yisroel as it pertains to making shidduchim.  No longer are we going to rely solely on shadchonim to shoulder the responsibility – we are going to do our part by getting actively involved with thinking of shidduchim and suggesting them. We have just finished a 5 month trial period to see if this is a viable solution to the shidduch crisis and I am overwhelmed by the positive results. You have proven that there is a wonderful option on the table.  Klall Yisroel has a tremendous natural resource and that resource is Klall Yisroel themselves. As of today on the website there are 3946 suggestions which have resulted in 490 first dates and 14 engagements B”H.  This is a tremendous accomplishment and it will only get better and better in the future. I am receiving feedback all the time as people reach out to let me know that they are thinking of shidduchim because of this initiative as a zchus for Yisroel & Elisheva.

In order to get publicity for this project I sent out an article to the public entitled “The Year of the Shidduch” which explains the project and it asked the Rabbonim to please speak about the initiative during the Yomim Noraim. The article was printed in some of the mainstream newspapers and on social media outlets. I think it would be very helpful if everyone could print it out and try to have it posted on their shul’s bulletin boards over Yom Kippur and Sukkos . We are trying to build a “brand” so that when people hear the name 10K Batay Yisroel it will automatically trigger an association in the minds of people with Klall Yisroel themselves making shidduchim. To advertise takes a tremendous amount of funding. The more free publicity we can get such as on shul bulletin boards the better off we are.  I would also appreciate if all of the hundreds of people who are on our mailing list and receiving this communication would spread that article to all of their relevant contacts it would be very helpful to enlist more of Klall Yisroel in this special project. When people are made aware of this project they react very favorably because everyone knows of older singles and really really want to help make them happy.

As we stand at the beginning of a new year I want to wish everyone a Gut Gebentche Yohr filled with simchas, bracha and hatzlacha. L’shana Tova Tekaseivu….

Kol Tuv

Shaya Levin