Summer message & opportunity for tefillah

We just entered into the Chodesh of Tammuz and I am eagerly anticipating our summer trip to Eretz Yisroel after Tisha B’av. We will of course be spending a lot of time by mekomos Hakedoshim and visiting kevorim of holy Yiddin. If anyone would like me to be mispallel for shidduchim by Yisroel’s kever and by the other kevorim please fill out the form below or email the names to and I will be glad to take the list of names with me wherever I go and to have them in mind. I will also leave a copy of the list by Yisroel’s kever so that he can be mevakesh by HKB”H to send down the shidduchim.  

As we approach the 3 weeks of mourning for the Bais Hamikdash that we no longer have, we are presented with a tremendous opportunity to draw close to Hashem and we should take advantage of this opportunity while we have it. We get so used to thinking in terms of the loss of Hashem’s House (an inanimate object) that we don’t focus on the real tragedy – the pain of Hashem, our Father, being driven out of His House and into exile. The loss of His House is just a manifestation of the real churban– that we drove our Father out of His House because of our sins and we still haven’t convinced Him to come back home again. We have it in our hands to do so but it requires our hearts and minds. We now have 5 weeks till Tisha B’av and it is an eis ratzon to daven to Hashem and give expression to our heartfelt desire to see His Kingship restored and His house rebuilt once again in all of its glory. Each and every one of us carry with us our individual problems and challenges in life and think that that is the way things are meant to be and we just have to endure. This is a mistake. The reason why we have our problems is because we are content with letting Hashem be in tzar and we don’t truly feel His pain. If we can convince Hashem to come back home these problems will be speedily resolved because Hashem wants all of us to enjoy a good and happy existence. When the Melech Shel Oilam will once again dwell in His Palace the world will reach its perfection. Let us try super hard these next few weeks to utilize this special time of the year to show Hashem that we really truly miss Him and plead with him to please end His self-imposed exile and rebuild his Bais Hamikdash once again and dwell in it as we all so much desire.

Best wishes for a safe and enjoyable and productive summer.

Shaya Levin

 R’ Shaya Levin graciously offered to Daven for all singles of Klal Yisroel upon his upcoming trip to Eretz Yisroel.

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