A special Rosh Hashana request from R' levin

Last year prior to Rosh Hashana I made a plea to all Rabbonim to please bring up the issue of shidduchim in their Yomim Naroim drashos. I asked them to please emphasize what a zchus it would be for people in every shul to look at both sides of their mechitzah and turn their attention to the singles who are waiting for us to help them. I only heard some feedback about one shu lin Brooklyn where the Rav responded to my bakasha and elaborated on the importance of us getting involved in this tremendous mitzva and I truly appreciate his putting the Rabbinical spotlight on this initiative. I hope that there were many more shuls where there was a similar response. We now find ourselves a year later and B”H there are 77 shidduchim registered on the 10K Batay Yisroel website. I am so appreciative to all those members of Klal Yisroel who have joined our movement and are constantly thinking of shidduchim to help bring simcha to all the singles. I urge everyone to please click on the tab on our website called “10K Stories” and to also click on the tab called “impact” and then click on “feedback”. What you will read there is so inspiring – you will really see the tremendous siyatta dishmaya that is taking place with everyone who are involved with this project.

In anticipation of this Rosh Hashana I would like to request all of you to approach your Rabbonim and ask them to please bring up this issue in their drashos as this is something that is very meaningful to all of us and we can not abandon our beloved singles. The only way that we are going to succeed in our quest to convince everyone that it is in their hands to redt shidduchim is by constantly discussing the topic and spreading the message. When the Rabbonim will hear from us how important and meaningful it is to us to hear them dwell on this subject they will IY”H join forces with us and lead the way as only they can. Everyone should be urged to make a resolution to commit themselves to think of shidduchim this coming year and preferably to try to redt a shidduch a month if not more. 

In zchus of us making our hishtadlus to help our singles may HKB”H grant all of us everything that we need and we should all be gebentched with a Ksiva Vchasima Tova.

Shaya Levin

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