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  1. Thank you for this seminar!
    Both speakers gave excellent advice,stories to illustrate their points…i took notes so I could retain what they said.
    Now this has given me confidence to get on the phone and redt Shidduch ideas.
    Will keep the website posted…….Halevai may we acheive as a Zechus for yisroel and Elisheva.

  2. This event truly changed my perspective. After dating a few years and often being told to compromise on things I wouldn’t have compromised on 5 years ago always struck a painful cord; but the way Rabbi Eisen phrased it, as a different standard but not a lower standard really resonated with me. Thank you!

  3. Exactly what I needed to hear on so many levels! Thank you

  4. That was so great!
    Such great words of chizuk!

  5. So so good! Such good chizuk and really helped me gain a new perspective.

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