Fresh Year. fresh start. fresh goals.

It has been a long 7 months since the Covid outbreak, and I like many others suffered the loss of loved ones. I am currently saying Kaddish for both my parents who were niftar right after Pesach 9 days apart. I want to extend my condolences to everyone else that is in a similar situation. May HKB’H grant us all a nechama and may we only know of simchas from now on. 

We find ourselves now after the Yomim Noraim and Sukkos and we are going to hear Parshas Bereishis this Shabbos. Just like Hashem injected a tremendous koach of hischadshus (renewal) into the Yomim Noraim starting with Rosh Hashana so did he extend this koach to Parshas Bereishis as well which is the story of the beginning of creation. It is common for us to observe the secular world taking on new resolutions by their New Year and kal vchomer we should give thought to what resolutions we as Yiddin should be mekabel upon ourselves for Tuf Shin Pei Aleph. The more earnest and sincere the kabbala is at the outset the stronger are the chances of hatzlacha to see the project through. 

I personally would like to encourage everyone to make a kabbala to make one shidduch this year. Undertake in your heart that I AM GOING TO MAKE A SHIDDUCH THIS YEAR. Think about this kabbala very strongly and focus on it. Keep reminding yourself about your commitment and you will see that you will start to come up with ideas. You will notice I didn’t shoot for the stars and say to make more than one shidduch this year – I know that if we bite off too much we will lose steam quickly. Just commit yourself to make ONE SHIDDUCH this year and be relentless in pursuing it. Sit down with a pen and paper and think of ideas and put them down on a list. Keep adding names to your list and soon enough you will come up with some good suggestions. When you do have a good idea – don’t procrastinate. Push yourself to call up and redt it ASAP. You will feel so good for even simply making the hishtadlus and when it IY”H results in a shidduch you will feel like a million dollars! 

A key component to assuring success is to involve HKB”H in your efforts. Daven all the time that you should merit siyatta dshmaya in your avodas hakodesh because in truth you are doing what HKB”H does all the time – He is busy making shidduchim. Rabbi Kolodetsky the son in law of Rav Chaim Kanievsky was quoted in a Mishpacha magazine article as saying that it is a big segula for shidduchim to say Kapital 121. Shir Hamalos Esso Einei. I try to say it every morning right after davening.

Another helpful hint is to try to involve a chavrusa in this kabbala. Tov shnayim min heechad. The power of 2 people working on a joint project is so much more than one person working alone.

Furthermore, as I mentioned at the 10K Event we are all really involved in a joint venture with Yisroel and Elisheva A”H. They are our shlichim upstairs by the kisei hakovod and we are down here in the olam hasiya and we need to do our part and they will do their part upstairs to implore HKB”H to bentch all of our efforts with success. 

Wishing all of you tremendous hatzlacha in all of your efforts to bring simcha to Klal Yisroel

Shaya Levin